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BU360-Archaeology in Greece

Professor Stephanie Larson, classics and ancient Mediterranean studies, showcased the artifacts discovered by students on the Bucknell excavation in Thebes, Greece from 2011-2017.

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BU360 - Life Undiscovered

Some estimate as much as 90% of Earth's biodiversity is still undiscovered despite centuries of exploration and study. Professor Chris Martine, biology, discussed how scientists and students are…

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BU360 - Understanding Anxiety

Professor Anna Baker, psychology, discusses what anxiety is, the impact anxiety has on our lives, and the best methods for dealing with it.

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BU360- Magic: Art of the Impossible

Professor Jason Leddington, philosophy, explored the philosophy of magic performance. We know they're just tricks, so why do we enjoy them?

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BU360: College Search 101

Bill Conley, vice president for enrollment management and a 38-year veteran in college admissions work, shares tips on how to conduct a successful college search. Join Bill Conley as he put the…

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Journalism 4.5.18

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BU360-The Art of Flirting

How do we attract and signal potential mates? Professor Joel Wade, psychology, discusses how aspects of our environments, and gender, influence attraction and techniques.

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Bucknell360: Getting Personal with Molecules and Health Care

Professor David Rovnyak, chemistry, explored personalized medicine and dove into Bucknell-sponsored research to uncover how a patient's metabolic signature can inform medical diagnosis.

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Bucknell360: The Neuroscience of Marijuana

Professor Judy Grisel, psychology, will discuss how understanding the natural compounds found in marijuana -- and their impact on thoughts, emotions and behavior -- is critical for making…

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A Word from the Herd

Alumni wisdom for starting your career garnered from alumni interviews at Bucknell's annual Career and Internship Fair.

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Why is Consulting So Enticing?

Nov. 29, 2017: Alumni talk about how they got into consulting and what it takes to be successful. Speakers: Heather Pollard '01, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting and Tyler Sowell '08,…

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May 11, 2017: Learn how e-Portfolios can help you organize your professional life, enhance your electronic presence, brand your career, and leverage digital tools and methods to represent all of your…

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Environmental Careers

April 20, 2017: Alumni share advice about careers in sustainability. Speakers: Thea Gudonis '09, field energy consultant at SolarCity; Isabel Hardesty '08, Chester Riverkeeper at the…

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BU360: The Future of Renewable Energy

Professor Peter Mark Jansson, engineering, discusses how renewable energy technology can reduce global carbon dioxide emissions and other environmental impacts of energy use by modern society.

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Bucknell 360: Re-envisioning Waste

Shaunna Barnhart of the Bucknell Center for Sustainability and the Environment discussed why some households in Nepal and the United States have changed their energy strategies to utilize small scale…

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Bucknell 360: When Mathematics Meets Human Health

Can analytics improve human health? Professor Mihai Banciu, management, will discuss how Bucknell is partnering with healthcare providers to identify ways to improve outcomes and predict…

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